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Medical Plasma Applications

T&C is proud to be a provider of power supplies that contribute to the growing innovative Life Science and Medical industry, which in recent years has been greatly advancing in its research, manufacturing, market acceptance and distribution of new and improved products.


Our RF products are specifically geared towards Gas Plasma technology which has played a key role in the innovative work within several Medical plasma applications. These applications include Plasma cleaning, Plasma activation, Etching, and Coating.

T&C's generators most suitable for this type of application are the 13.56MHz 0x13 RF Power Sources ranging from 100 - 1200 W, and the AG Series RF Generators ranging from 100 - 2400 W. For optimal results, these are often paired with the AIT-600 and the AIT-600 R Series RF Matching Networks.


0x13 RF Power Sources

AG Series RF Power Sources


RF Matching Networks

AIT-600 R Series

RF Matching Networks

13.56MHz Complete RF Power System

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