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RF Switchboxes

RF Switchbox

The RF Switchbox offers the application of a single system consisting of an RF Power Supply (AG 0x13 Generator) and Matching Network Tuner, and distributes power into multiple plasma applications. It allows operation of one source-to-load at a time.

Control voltage for switching: 24 V (18 to 26 V)
Interface: DB-15

HN Connector Rating: 1.5 kV peak

Current Rating  DC: ≤ 50 A, 2.5MHz: ≤ 30 A, 13.56 MHz: ≤ 17 A

Voltage Rating  DC: ≤ 12 kV peak, 2.5MHz: ≤ 10 kV peak, 13.56 MHz: ≤ 8 kV peak


Inputs: 1, Outputs: 2


Inputs: 1, Outputs: 3


Inputs: 1, Outputs: 4

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The RF Switchbox goes hand in hand with our series of RF Matching Networks. Here you see how the two present themselves in operation.


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