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Plasma Cleaning

T&C provides RF power sources and matching devices to several technologies within plasma cleaning which include medical, rubber processors, and electronics & semiconductor manufactureres, and automative. 


Medical technology utilizes plasma for cleaning and sterilizing of implants and stents. Plasma cleaning is used in rubber processors for removal of lubricants prior to gluing or bonding. For semiconductor and electronics manufacturers, plasma is used to degrease and clean metal surfaces prior to soldering, circuit printing, or coating. Automotive technology applies plasma cleaning in numerous steps along the production line in which plasma procedures enable the use of sophisticated material combinations. 

T&C's RF generators most suitable for this application is the AG Low Frequency Broadband Series, namely AG 1016 with T1K matching transformer; and AG 1010 with T1K & T2K transformers.

For 13.56MHz, the Complete RF Delivery System is commonly offered including the 1200 W System (AG 1213W & AIT-12R), or the 2400 W System (AG 2413 & AIT-24R).

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