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Plasma Etching

T&C provides RF power sources and auto matching devices to several technologies within plasma etching which include semiconductor, medical, and paint. Semiconductor technology uses plasma etching as the main tool for the production process of integrated circuits, including the ashing of photoresists. Etching in medical technology enables the coating and joining of inert and biocompatible materials. Paint technology utilizes etching for paint and glue adhesion with high temperature resistant plastics.

T&C's RF generators most commonly used for this application are the standard and AG Series 13.56MHz RF Power Sources, that range from 100 to 2400 W. For matching devices, the AIT-600 tuners are a great match for these generators and range from 300 to 2400 W.


These two components above can be mixed and matched to consummate a Complete RF Delivery System that is right for you. The 600 W, 1200W, and 2400 W systems are typical for these applications.

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