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AIT-600-06 vs AIT-600-06R

Two similar products. Different cases. But is that the only difference?


The Model 06R is basically larger case and more robust design. It offers more space for the tuning chamber, for the capacitors and the coil have more space around them. For that reason, 06R model offers better performance for variety of applications. It offers good performance for deeply capacitive applications. 

The coil in the matching devices must have a free space around it and be away from the side metal panels and metal covers. If not, it looses RF energy to the grounded walls. 

With RF power over 300W, loses from the coil to the walls are causing change in the coil inductance and the matching unit is not tuning too well but with several Watts of reflected power. 

We are offering both units depending on their application, but we recommend to use 06R with 600W RF generators. I do not want ASHERN to order narrow case tuners with 600W RF generators. I was appealing to you in the past about it but we continue to receive your requests for 600W generator along with narrow chassis tuner. It is not recommended because it may reduce performance in some applications. 

From the customer:

"Most of the cases customer’s chamber impedance is not available, RF matcher choice is by luck sometimes. So AIT-600-06R will be preferred from now on."

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