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Lamp testing with the RF High Voltage Generator (AG0201HV-TS)

Our High Voltage RF generators are for applications such as incandescent lamp testing. It is most commonly operated in HV Burst mode, in RF pulses from 10 ms to 300 ms. As bursting is enabled, energy is delivered to the base of the lamp, and generates plasma inside of it.

Rapid defined by test PLC interruption of RF burst, triggers verification process by selective band light meter that is measuring plasma decay. If the decay is shorter than required for that type of a lamp reference, it is a reject. If the decay is longer than reference time, it is a good lamp and QC confirms it as good.

In this video, Tom demos the HV generator from T&C Power Conversion in a simulation for lamp testing.

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Dec 18, 2023


What is the frequency range for using the burst on this device ? could I run it at 2-3 Mhz and 2 to 3 Kv for example ? also, what waveform does this generate?

Thank you for your time and consideration


Zee Mokrzan
Zee Mokrzan
Jan 02
Replying to

Thanks for reaching out! The waveform of this device is a clean sine wave. Unfortunately though, the burst frequency cannot exceed the internal operational frequency of the device (around 200k-400k). However it can easily reach 2-3kV depending on the load impedance (this is a high impedance output product, maximum output power is around 100W). This unit is intended for small chamber plasma operation. If you can travel to NY, we have simulation labs where we invite our customers to test out their applications with our range of power supplies before they commit to a purchase. Send us an email if interested, thanks again! -Zee

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