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Low Frequency Broadband RF Solutions

T&C can offer a variety of RF Power Generators, Amplifiers, and other RF Power Sources custom built to your application needs.

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SUT1KLF-6 Transformer

Key features:

- Built-in DDS Programmable Signal Source
- Class A, B or C RF Module for your application needs
- Compact Modular Design
- Front Panel Meter Displays Forward Power, Reverse Power, Load Power
- Optional Graphic User Interface (GUI) Software
- Analog / Digital / USB 2.0 Interfaces
- High Speed Pulsing (Bursting)
- CE Self Certified
- Designed and tested for UL IEC 61010, 2nd and 3rd Edition
- Available in a compact OEM rack mount (Rack Mount Brackets Optional) or stand-alone versions.

These Power Sources can be used with T&C's Low Frequency RF Impedance Transformers.

SUT 1k-02 Transformer

Base Models

LA 2030

RF Linear Amplifier

100 W

20kHz to 4 MHz

LA 2039

RF Linear Amplifier

100 W / 300 W

10 kHz - 14 MHz

03 Model

100 kHz to 450 kHz


06 Model

100 kHz to 450 kHz



750 kHz - 1050 kHz

500 W

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