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Ultrasonic Applications

T&C provides low frequency RF products to Ultrasonic Cleaning applications. These applications use high frequency sound waves to remove varieties of contaminants from materials including metals, glass, ceramics, etc. The basic components of an ultrasonic cleaning system include a bank of ultrasonic transducers mounted to a radiating diaphram that generate the high frequency mechanical energy, a tank filled with aqueous solution, and finally the RF generator. The generators we commonly manufacture for this application are the AG 1006, AG 1016, AG 1012, and AG 1024 Class AB Low Frequency Broadband Series Power Sources.


Our RF products also serve the Research & Development field of Ultrasonics. For R&D apps, the components we typically manufacture are AG 1020, AG 1021, AG 1017L, AG 1015 power sources. These are commonly matched up with our T01, T03, T1K, and T2K impedance matching transformers. 


The products mentioned above are listed below. Browse through these products to find your match, and if you cannot find what you are looking for we can define and optimize the right system for you. 

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